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EZ Cartridge Grips

The Tattoo Disposable Needle Module Grips from EZ now offer you the convenience of a reusable grip combined with the safety and hygiene of disposable grips.
The adjustable click system allows you a smooth and comfortable stabbing during the tattoo session without involuntary twisting, and the depth is easily adjustable. They are compatible with all common cartridge systems.

The grips are available in 2 different versions.
Once with silicone unit to avoid slipping during the tattoo session.
And once with special vibration-resistant foam to protect the artists fingers.

EZ Tattoo is active since 2005 in the tattoo industry. The development and production of high quality tattoo accessories around the Tattoo Cartridge System is their goal.

EZ Tattoo's wide range of products includes foot switches, grips and even rotary tattoo machines.
The tattoo equipment scores not only by the well thought-out outer design, but also by the enormous reliability and cleanest processing.
Here you get products that last for a long time!