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Shark Set

Do you also use vegan tattoo colours in your tattoo studio, which are not tested on animals?
Then it is high time to do this now!

In collaboration with Quantum Tattoo and the Sea Shepherd Conservation, these great tattoo colors were developed
You can do more than just tattooing with it! You help to save the world just by buying this product. Environmental protection can be so easy!

Sea Shepherd tattoo inks are a creative and artistic way to raise awareness of the world's marine problems and facilitate the conservation of the oceans.
Sea Shepherd Amsterdam even opened a Sea Shepherd Tattoo Shop this year where all profits from guest tattoo artists who are allowed to tattoo there for a day are donated to the protection of the planet's oceans so that our children can still discover the beauty of the seas.
You want to know more about the organization Seashepherd and? Here you can go directly to their homepage.

The Shark Set in particular helps to save the sharks
With the purchase of the Shark Kit, you can support Sea Shepherd in their efforts to protect sharks.
Unfortunately, shark killing is still commonplace in many countries. With your support, Sea Shepherd can continue to defend sharks with patrol ships and thus provide sustainable protection. All Sea Shepherd tattoo inks are of course free from animal testing and are vegan.
This set is made up of shades that are meant to remind you of the unnecessary bloodshed. Two shades of red and four different shades of gray are included.
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